Ensuring Authenticity, One Tap at a Time

Defeating counterfeit products with cutting-edge technology, protecting your brand and your customers through secure encryption tags.

How AuthenTech Works

Looking to increase revenue and customer trust, all while eliminating counterfeits ?

Every product you manufacture can be embedded with a tiny smart tag, whether it be a tag, sticker, or embedded directly in the product, all serving as a unique digital fingerprint. This fingerprint is singular and gets recorded in our secure database at the point of creation.

Why AuthenTech?


Brand Protection

Fortify your brand's reputation by safeguarding your products against counterfeiting with our tamper-proof NFC technology.

Security Safe

Customer Assurance

Empower your customers with the ability to instantly verify product authenticity, fostering trust and loyalty to further drive sales and create less skepticism when considering purchasing your brand products.


Supply Chain Transparency

Enhance supply chain visibility and traceability with end-to-end NFC integration, ensuring a seamless and secure process.

Industries We Serve

Cards & Collectibles Sports Cards & Collectibles
Wine & Spirits Wine & Spirits
Metals Precious Metals
Automotive Automotive Parts
Luxury Luxury Goods
Cosmetics Cosmetics & Personal Care
Electronics Electronics
Tickets Event Tickets
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals
Footwear Footwear
Antiques Art & Antiques
Glasses Eyewear

Looking to AuthenTechate your brand?